About me

I have an open mind which constantly searches for new and unusual ideas. I always develop my initial concept with and emphasis on research and presentation. I am fun, approachable and industrious,I work well to strict deadlines in high pressure environments and am suited to the intensity of the fashion and advertising world as well as events organisation.

I have always been excited by colour, textures and 3D design. From a very early age I was taught how to work with cloth, which has enabled me to express myself and experiment through fashion. From my experience, there is no dividing line between clothes, footwear & accessories, fashion trends and predictions or even photography, it´s the complete look which is exciting.

I began my career studying Footwear & Accessories Design at Cordwainers College (London). After graduation I moved to Paris where I studied and worked in fashion trends for Promostyl Paris on several projects related to accessories design and market research.

Later, in Barcelona, I broadened my knowledge of fashion and photography by working for Servimatge, where I coordinated agendas and negotiated fees for a breadth of creative professionals, makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists specialising in fashion, TV, cinema and advertising. Naturally, my role developed and I became a photo producer, achieving much recognition in this sector.

I worked for Zindara Productions in Barcelona as a photographer’s agent and photo producer – budgeting and producing photography shoots. I took part in the full end-to-end production process working side-by-side with the photographers and creative teams, and partook in making key decisions on the final retouching and selection of images.

I launched Simsan Photo, a pioneering company dedicated exclusively to photo production in Spain. Again, representing photographers; budgeting and producing advertising campaigns around the world, coordinating teams of photo producers and enlarging my portfolio of clients.

Tag Europe in London employed me to coordinate and produce their global campaigns for Land Rover and Jaguar. I was in charge of the production of several projects working together with the advertising agencies Y&R London for Land Rover, and Spark44 London and Birmingham for Jaguar.

In the last year, I I have undertaken production projects for accounts such as Adidas, Visa, The Sun and Procter & Gamble, shooting across Europe.